Masters-Marketing: Your Path to Success
Masters-Marketing: Your Path to Success

Attraction: Where Growth Begins

First Step: Attract 

   The Beginning Point- Who are you?  What is your "niche"?  What is there about you that is unique in the marketplace?  Some call it your "unique selling position" but mostly it is "What is your purpose for being in business?".  Be specific and commit yourself to learning all there is to know about your business.  In other words, "Own your niche".  We can help you "fine-tune" it.  Don't say, "I sell ___". Better to speak from the client's point of view.


Our purpose statement: "We put your logo to work in cost effective ways to help you reach your goals and objectives". 


Use the resources you have to demonstrate your uniqueness.  Tools involve:

  * E-mail marketing

  * Web site or Blog

  * Social Media like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest

In other words, build a presence on the Internet so people can find you.  Many are well into their buying decision before they ever call someone about a quote.  Most people use Google and the way to be found is committing yourself to making regular updates to your presence on the Internet. Do it well and do it often.   


Marketing Your Business--We Keep It Simple

LOGO Dynamics is a 29 year old company in the promotional products industry. Like many companies, when the Recession hit in 2008 revenue went down drastically. What next?  "Try e-mail" one source said. Another said, "You need a commitment to customer service".  We did both and the result has been to turn this company around. 

Like everyone else, we took a hit in 2020 and will use the same lessons learned in the 2008-10 Recession to rebuild.

Join us as we apply the hard earned lessons gained over the last 13 years.  We don't claim to have all the answers but we have learned some things you can apply to your business.   

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