Masters-Marketing: Your Path to Success
Masters-Marketing: Your Path to Success

Engagement-The Journey Continues

Once you attract people to your business, how do you keep their attention?  Two Important Steps

1. Create with every suspect, prospect, customer, client or advocate a "Wow!" moment.  Sometimes it can be done with the product or service you offer. Often times many people offer the same things you do.  Or more importantly, with the power of the Internet, people think they can buy anywhere--online or offline.  Increasingly, it is not what you sell but how you sell it.  Customer Serivice is the way to create distinction for your company.


2. Build on that "Wow!" with regular engagement.  Tools you can use include the following:

   a. Professionally done E-mail Marketing.  We prefer Constant Contact.  Ask about a free trial.

   b. Contact by a hand written note for an appreciation or congradulations.  People remember that you thought enough of them to write.  Smart marketers do what others are not going.

   c. Identity Marketing puts you name in front of people in ways they remember you. Start with the basics like professional looking business cards, appropriate corporate apparel and useful items to leave with someone.  Build on that with other items with your logo and tag line.   

   c. Relationship Marketing is growing and imprinted items given are often quite inexpensive. There is great impact in little things appropriately given.  (Note: Money is rarely memorable.) Our website has a national search engine for imprinted items

   d. Networking face to face and meetings for a brief encounter.  Use LinkedIn and Nimble to find people you need to stay in touch with.


Here is a 3 minute video example of engagement from my business.



Marketing Your Business--We Keep It Simple

LOGO Dynamics is a 29 year old company in the promotional products industry. Like many companies, when the Recession hit in 2008 revenue went down drastically. What next?  "Try e-mail" one source said. Another said, "You need a commitment to customer service".  We did both and the result has been to turn this company around. 

Like everyone else, we took a hit in 2020 and will use the same lessons learned in the 2008-10 Recession to rebuild.

Join us as we apply the hard earned lessons gained over the last 13 years.  We don't claim to have all the answers but we have learned some things you can apply to your business.   

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